What's been happening...

Jeffart Signs has taken all the necessary precautions to adhere to the Governmental Regulations pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The introduction of these measures has led Jeffart Signs to introduce many products related to the prevention and care of this situation, namely the Footpump Sanitiser Dispenser, the various thermometers, screens and masks. These products are used in our own environment to keep ourselves safe, sanitised and potentially Covid free.

The new demands of our environment has taken a lot of adjusting and getting used to by staff, who now sanitise, complete questionnaires and have temperatures taken upon entry to work every day. This has now become our “new normal”.

Jeffart has taken the initiative to sanitise working environments and workstations on an average of four times daily throughout the day. The factory floor is sanitised on average 3 – 4 times per week dependant on the staff compliment. This has added a great contribution to the healthy environment and precautions of all concerned.

Despite the adjustments to all these measures, our staff are positive and contribute a pleasant attitude towards these new work environment demands. Even though this started out as challenge to get into the habit of wearing masks and then at times not recognising your colleague!

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